Faq Section


Emiratex was founded in 2021 by an Exchanger. Emiratex provides Cryptocurrency to Fiat exchange services to Naira for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin and USD, Doge and the Tether.

There are virtually no charges for using Emiratex. All our operations are free of charge with no hidden cost.
Do your exchanges and get your fiat/crypto to your account in no time.

No It is NOT!. AML/KYC confirmation and verification is only compulsory for buy transactions. Sell Transactions do not require AML/KYC verification.

KYC stands for Know Your Customer while AML means Anti Money Laundry. This verification is only needed for the Purchase of Cryptocurrency to curb money laundry and funds siphony.

There are many ways to contact our support. We will show at least, 3 methods.
1. You can follow the contact link and send a message by clicking here
2. You can call our customer care by dialing the phone number +234 808 911 2898
3. You can also send a ticket when required by following the link https://support.emiratex.io
4. You can also send a contact mail to [email protected] or [email protected]

Using the Portal

To verify your account, log into your exchange account. Click on the KYC/AML verification menu and fill in all the reqiuired fields. You will be required to upload at most, 3 documents to back up your selection. Your KYC document will be reviewed and approved/rejected in 3 working days.

Log into your account, click on dashboard. On the TAB above, click on "Buy Cryptocurrency". This module will be opened to you after verification of your KYC/AML document
You will be required to select the Cryptocurrency (BTC selected on Default), the payout wallet (Depending on the coin selected) and the amount in of purchase Naira.

Log into your account, click on dashboard. On the TAB above, the "Sell Cryptocurrency" is selectede by default.
You will be required to select the Cryptocurrency (BTC selected on Default), you have to select the payout account which should be already added to your profile, then you have to enter the amount of coin to sell.
Your naira equivalence will be shown as you type in the amount of cryptocurrency.

Log in to your account, click on "Manage Profile" => "Banking Info"
Select your Banking Institution, Enter your account number and then your account name. Your account name in most cases will be displayed on default.
Enter your description and then click on "Add New". You can only add 3 Banking Information. This banking information will be used for payout.

Your Request to Buy Cryptocurrency can be rejected only if;
The sending account for the Cryptocurrency purchase differs from the account Information on the KYC/AML document.
In cases like this, we do a full refund to the sending account and then block the account in question. Perhaps, report the account to relevant authorities.

Buy and Sell Transaction

In few cases, your transaction may/can't be verified on the blockchain network. When this happens, we will provide a link below the error message
"If you want to proceed unverified, click here"
When this is clicked, your transaction will be sent to the admin for confirmation. If there is a delay, please contact the admin via the support panel.

When a Transaction is initiated, you have roughly 1 hour to make your Transfer/Transaction. This is due to the fact that Cryptocurrency account can change in few minutes but we can bear a 1 hour change.
Your Transaction will be marked as Expired when the 1 hour transaction time frame is exceeded. Do not worry, you can open a new transaction window.

Prices of cryptocurrency are not fixed. Prices rise and fall. Our Prices are updated live from blockcypher every time the web page is being reloaded.


The Internet connection failed error comes up when we are not able to connect to the coin API to get the coin prices for you. Without getting the prices of the coin, It is not possible to do an exchange.
In most cases, your internet connection is working, other cases, we are not able to connect.
A simple refresh fix can fix this issue. You can retry the action by clicking on the retry button.

An Unknown error is popped up only when we have an error from our end. Most time, you have tired to manipulate the URL or tried to carry out some forbidden transactions.
This can be easily fixed by retrying the action again.

You can browse through our supported coin list by going through the "Supported Coins" menu on your portal.
The prices of each of the coin is shown on each block. You can quicky glance through and get their prices.